Your support can help communities and individuals to meet the basic need of food during the critical times post pandemic recovery phase.

Sulabh’s Food initiative is about helping families that have been hit hard because of the Covid 19 pandemic and pushed into abject poverty.

Poorer families that depend on daily wages or work in the informal sector are finding it hard to afford basic food and vegetables.

The pandemic and the resulting unemployment have made India’s hunger crisis alarming.

Our food distribution initiative is about addressing immediate food insecurity by putting food relief kit directly into the hands of vulnerable people living in urban slums and remote rural areas. The objective is to complement existing welfare schemes.

Our food initiative builds on Sulabh’s success and learning experiences of our national wide sanitation initiative

Food Distribution March 2021

We marked our 51st foundation day by distributing ration in New Delhi. Each relief packet contained five kilograms of rice and wheat, pulses, a litre of cooking oil, spices and soaps.

Under the leadership of Dr Bindeshwar Pathak , Sulabh’s mission has been to make communities resilient at the grassroots by addressing critical issues of water and sanitation.

During COVID 19 pandemic we rose to the challenge by distributing food and masks to the people who needed help.

Food Distribution June 2021

Ration kits were distributed to over 200 low income families in New Delhi. The kit contained rice, wheat , potatoes , soaps and other essentials. The distribution of kits is a part of our continued efforts to help communities in distress due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Food Distribution July 2021

Our new ‘Sulabh Food Initiative’ aims at food for the underprivileged strata of society.
Dry Ration was distributed to 60 families in dire need at Shakarpur, New Delhi.

Food Distribution July 2021

Battering heavy rains, our relief team distributed ration kits to 42 households living in the slums in New Delhi. Our Food initiative ensures that poorer families impacted by Covid19 don’t go to bed hungry. Each ration kit can meet the basic food needs of a family for at least 10 days.