We take housekeeping contracts for corporations, strategic government departments, universities, public and private sector enterprises. Our trained staff is experienced and skilled in providing day to day cleaning (Manual & Mechanized) and maintenance activities.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, our dedicated frontline housekeeping and sanitation workers are rendering sanitation and maintenance services at several quarantine centres across Delhi, Maharashtra, Assam and Bihar.


  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of Defence Production
  • PCDA G. Block K. Kamraj Marg
  • Seema Sadak Bhawan DGBR
  • Mira Model School
  • Nirma University
  • Sangeet Natak Academy, Rabindra Bhawan
  • House Committee, Rabindra Bhawan (Ministry of Culture)
  • Institute of Home Economics
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
  • Virmani Public School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Lady Sri Ram College
  • Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center
  • Indian Aviation
  • Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital
  • SVB Patel COVID Hospital
  • Esic COVID 19 Hospital, Bihata
  • COVID 19 Hospital
  • COVID 19 Hospital, Maligaon
  • COVID Care Centre
  • RHTC, Najafgarh
  • Lokpal of India
  • Ministry of Law & Justice Central Agency
  • Coffee Board (Ministry of Commerce)
  • Akshawani Bhawan
  • Legal Affair
  • Prasar Bharati Secretariate, Tower C
  • National Institute of Smart Government
  • North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited
  • GSPL
  • Central Organisation for Modernisation of Workshops-COFMOW
  • Indian Railway Organisation for Alternative Fuels
  • Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
  • PTC India
  • PTC Energy

Work Description

  • Check the entire maintenance in the washroom.
  • Remove all the garbage from garbage bins and change the garbage bags.
  • Cleanse and disinfect the W/C toilet pot properly.
  • Wash the tiles, washbasins, all the fittings and fixtures carefully.
  • Scrub the toilet bowl from inside and outside.
  • Wipe all the tiles, fixtures, fittings, washbasin and W/C (seat cover and outside W/C).
  • Scrub and mop the washroom floor from inside to outside.
  • Check and fill liquid soap, toilet rolls, tissue papers, Odonil, urinal cubes and naphthalene balls.
  • Sign on the toilet checklist placed behind the doors.

Scope of Work

For keeping all the toilets neat and clean we will use the following:

  • High-Pressure water jet, manual cleaning tools like a toilet brush, chemicals, scotch bright etc.
  • Pressure washers are used to clean the toilet seats and floor area with toilet brush too.
  • Residual water is wiped out through wipers.
  • Disinfectant chemical is applied through wet mop.
  • Room freshener is placed.
  • Toilet bowls /W C cleaner is placed.
  • All vertical tiles are cleaned with pressure washer and scrubber.
  • All glass cleaning is done through various tools of glass cleaning kit and chemicals.
  • Toilet rolls, Odonil, urinal cubes and naphthalene balls are used.
  • Dustbins are placed with disposal bags and are disposed off as mentioned above.

House Keeping Activities

  • Dusting of all areas with a feather brush.
  • Scrubbing of all the floor areas.
  • Spray and shield areas.
  • Mopping.
  • Disinfection.
  • Carpet Disinfection.
  • Sanitisation.
  • Walk-behind type floor scrubber drier.
  • Mini scrubber drier.
  • Single-disc floor scrubber.
  • Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Pressure washer.
  • Hand scrubber.
  • Mopping and service trolley.
  • Glass cleaning kit.
  • Manual cleaning tools like brushes, dusters, microfibre mop etc.

Cleaning Procedures

  • Window glass cleaning for the entire area through Telescopic Rod, Squeegee and Glass Cleaning Kit.
  • Dusting of all high rise walls, cobweb removing etc. through various cleaning tools available in the glass cleaning kit.
  • Mopping of all floor areas through Dust Control Mop and dusting of all furniture, doors, computers, beds etc. through damp duster, using disinfectants.
  • Mopping trolley to be used for doing mopping and disinfection on all the floors.
  • Broom and pan to be used to pick the waste lying scattered here and there.
  • Hand gloves to be used for whole housekeeping job.
  • All stairs will be cleaned by dusters and mops.
  • Remove all the garbage from the dustbins twice a day.
  • Weekly polishing of the area with terenova/mension polish or equivalent.
  • Polished area needs to be buffed on a daily basis.
  • Curtain or divider will be washed/changed on a weekly basis or as required.
  • Thorough cleaning of the areas to be done once in a week.

General Standard Operating Procedures

  • Work starts as per instructions of Supervisor and authority.
  • Mopping, dusting and cleaning to be completed before half an hour of the scheduled start of offices.
  • At every 2 hours, volunteers will ensure the cleanliness of toilet blocks and its surroundings.
  • Volunteers will ensure cleanliness of corridors, railings, passages, glasses up to 15 feet.
  • Cleaning material used is of ISI mark quality.
  • Every hour supervisor will make a around to ensure smoothness of work, if any shortfall is noticed, it should be reported to the concerned authority and the problem should be rectified without any delay.
  • Women volunteers will be deployed for ladies toilets.
  • Supervisors will communicate with the authority at regular intervals for the betterment of services.

Letter of Appreciation

Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence
Prasar Bharati Letter
Prasar Bharati Letter