Skill development is essential as a majority of India’s young population, especially in rural areas, does not have the desired skills to obtain gainful employment. Skill development helps build their confidence, makes them more employable and augments their capacity to cope with labour market shocks. Our skills development programmes are aimed at empowering the marginalized and economically weaker sections of society.

Our training programs impart diverse skillsets to both boys and girls. Further to proving training on a number of occupations, we also link them with the market, thus paving the way for their economic mobility. Additionally, we run personality development programs to develop soft skills and boost their confidence and self-esteem so that it is easier for them to get absorbed in mainstream society.

We have experience of training youth under the following segments

Imparting computer training to boys and girls at the community level

Sewing and stitching training to women for livelihood generation

Imparting training on beautician courses to girls at the community level

Mason training

Training of Peer educators

Training in any other trades that has demand in the local market like dona-pattal making, candle making, rakhi making, and now due to COVID19 – mask making.